? The 295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company (FA)

The 295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company

This web site is dedicated to the men of the 295th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company, an average group of men who performed their duties until the enemy was defeated.

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Toccoa Historical Society: Airborne Only!

September 11, 2017: Last communication with Brenda Carlan was on August 17, 2017 via email. Brenda, once again, didn't reply back concerning audio CDs that she requested. In addition, the 295th is only now mentioned under "links of interest." They're still, of course, nowhere to be found on the Camp Toccoa page, which Brenda stated earlier is maintained by another group. I've sent a second email to that group lead by Gary Bellamy and Ray Ward. I'm really starting to get the feeling that it's "airborne only allowed" at Camp Toccoa.

August 15, 2017: As previously mentioned in May 2017, the Toccoa Historial Society removed the 295th from their website. Here are cached images of the two pages: Exhibits and Camp Toccoa. Now when you visit their website, the "Camp Toccoa" nav-menu link takes you to a separate website, one which Brenda J. Carlan, executive director of the Currahee Military Museum, says is not maintained by her society. She is, however, listed as a Steering Committee member (scroll down after landing on page). Maybe Brenda can steer the 295th's name back onto and more specifically into Camp Toccoa history?